Welcome to the Lune Travels Blog. I'm Jill. Within this blog you will find 10 years of travel, camping, and family stories. There is still time to tell many more. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading Lune Travels.

looking back at 2010

I think, 2010 was one of my favorite years ever. I began the year thinking something really special was going to happen. At the time, I was working out of our Studio on Arthur Street. It was a beautiful space in Winnipeg's exchange district, and served as a transitional place for me and lune between shops. I loved the light in that place. 6 storeys up, it had a beautiful city view.

In February, I taught

Indie Business 2.0

with fellow creator Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest and featured teacher and friend Elsie Flannigan of Red Velvet Art. I met so many creative people, and made lots of new friends. It was a great experience we hope to build on this year (details coming soon for




In the spring, for fun I did a couple fashion shows for Love Lune. What an experience! I loved having the chance to show my work on live models, and get face to face reactions. This was also where I met a lot of local designers that I had seen around town for years, and some new ones. It was very cool to connect with such a creative local scene. Through this, I helped develop and participate in the Fashion Guild of Winnipeg street sales in Market Square. Wind, Rain, Sun, Fashion - and dragging a rack down the cobble stone street - fashion district style.

That spring, I was motivated to buy Lune a trailer to open up a mobile vintage shop to bring to festivals. Everything moved very quickly, and before I knew it, it was August and I was camped out for 10 days with my eggie, racks of vintage dresses and a whole pile of cherry lemon aid at Winnipeg's Fringe Festival!

Which reminds me, right at that time, I got a new tattoo based exactly on Lune's double feather design. 

Summer was so beautiful, and we decided to take a 2 week road trip down to Wisconsin Dells. I've been here with my family over the years, but this was our first long family road trip for our little family. We had a seriously amazing time!

We also spent a lot of time at the beach and the lake, and I got to visit the nicest 50's beachhouse! That, and a pretty serious booze cruise on a dingy in the summer sun.

Fall came, and September I was asked to do several articles for local magazines. One, a fashion spread of Sandbox magazine. The shoot was in the woods, and it felt pretty surreal.

See more for the actual photo spread and the article


It was around this time that we were surprised with the news that we would be adding another member to our little family! Our little girl will be born in May of this year.

Just before the year was over, I signed the lease to the new Local Shop for Lune Vintage. It was the perfect opportunity to share a spot with my good friends, in a perfect vintage lovin neighborhood. We've only been open for less than a month, and I have so many magical plans for this space.

So, as you can see, this was a very FULL year. It was busy, but most of all - it was so much fun! I hope 2011 can compete - but I know one thing for sure, I'll do my very best to top it!

thanks for sharing the journey with me!

love Jill

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