shop talk

Being shop girl this weekend was a lot of fun. I can't believe what a great community we lucked into with the new location. Just the amount of friendly visitors, enthusiastic customers, and amazing contacts I've met in the past month have blown me away.

This shop has the warm environment I was always seeking, plus, it's pretty great to share the space with our Freckled Nest friends (ps. the have a tv and Todd's watching the football game. He also discovered that they have slurpees at the local grocery a block away too. Lucky him.)

Our window signage went up today, and tomorrow we're making plans for the window stage to be built. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of having this whole huge display window - it's the perfect size for me to go all bonkers on it every month.

Today we met with a local collector who's going to be consigning his large collection with Lune. We're so excited to host his many amazing vintage pieces at the shop, beginning next Friday.

Anyhow, just stopping in to share our happiness. It rocks here. More in store photo's tomorrow.

love Jill