Thrift Maternity Style File - and 6 months

This week my friend Chandra and I went for fancy dinner (salads and iced coffee at the supa fancy renovated McDonalds by our house - really - it's pretty swanky, don't laugh!). After, we drove over for a visit to the thrift shop. I found the BEST afghan i ever ever ever did see - mustard yellow and black - as modern as vintage crochet can get I tell you! This, i'll wait to show you next month when LA does a feature on our little house, but it's a killer!

I went through my clothes the other day and put everything away that I knew I wouldn't fit until after Eve arrives so that I wouldn't have to sort through it and feel sad about how very small my wardrobe is right now. Turns out, what I can fit fills only a small laundry basket. Boo.

So I picked up this thrifted vintage cardigan for like, $5 or something and another sweatshirt I'm doing a DIY for very soon (not just for preggo's but good for anyone I think - stay tuned). I pulled together a typically ok outfit that is pretty easy to pull off and comfy. I've been living in maternity tights, tunics and cardigans - but there are worse things out there - like the elastic waist denim pants and loads of tacky empire shirts which haunt my dreams and assault my senses. Hate maternity stores. Love thrifty solutions.

Knife Collar Vintage Cardigan - Thrifted
70's Cotton Sundress - Lune 2010 (cut)
Leather Cuff - Spiro Creations
80's Golden Eagle Necklace - Thrifted (with rhinestone eye!)
Tights - Old Navy Maternity (oh yeah)
Brown Suede Leather Boots - Rocket Dogs
  Nail Polish - Mouse by American Apparel
Big baby bump - homemade

That's basically 6 months boys and girls! And I've still got 3 months to go. I KNOW, I'm HUUUUUGE! No surprise to me since Luke was a big baby (9.4) and I apparently eat a LOT while pregnant. Whateva, I do what I want!
Love Lots, Jill