Thrift Thursday - Thrift Store Pattern

If you've followed the past year's worth of TT's, you'll know that sometimes they are a collection of what I spotted at the thrift store that week, sometimes they are focused on thrifting tips and tricks (like the Thrifting for Vinyl TT, or Thrifting for Crafty Supplies), sometimes they have a theme, and every once in awhile Thrift Thursday is about readers finds (Your Thrift Thursday) - submission details in the post BELOW.

So this week, I thought it would be fun to add another aspect to Thrift Thursday - Thrift Store Pattern! There are so many interesting and truly wicked retro patterns to be found in a second hand shop. Most of the time the fabric will be too itchy, the book jacket be way more attractive than the book itself, the shelving paper stiff and crumbly, the sofa ratty and sad, or the dress not worth the rework. But, if your camera is on hand (and in my case it usually is) you can capture the inspiration for use with other projects, or just as something pretty to look back on.

Here's a collection of this weeks Thrift Store Patterns. Enjoy!

So pack your point and shoot this week, and find some pattern inspiration at your local thrift!

peace, jill 

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Draw closes Monday at midnight! I'm loving your spring thoughts - so much to look forward to!