Thrift Thursday - Yellow Dresser

Helloooo. It's Thrift Thursday! I was organizing old Thrift Thursday posts, and realized that I missed Lune's 1 year anniversary with Thrift Thursday! Oh well. If you have some time to spare, cozy up with a cup of tea or something and read a year's worth of second hand scouting in the Thrift Thursday Archives HERE.

Today's post is all from one thrift store. Actually, just from last night so it's supa fresh. I didn't buy a thing - but here's a few things I though were kind of cool. 

First off - I saw a dresser that might work for baby's room (it's driving me crazy not to use her name because we are already. I don't know if I can wait until May!). It's a pretty standard 60's long low dresser, pale yellow with cute tiny brass knobs and peg legs. The white top needed a new couple of coats, but other than that it was in good condition. The tag was $40 which is more than I like to spend on a fixer upper thrift shop dresser - but I could see this being a perfect storage / change table.

What do you think, should I hold out a couple weeks and hope I can snag it for $30, get it at $40, or forget it because it's not so great?  I'm all hormonal. I can't trust myself sometimes on these baby decisions.

See? This would have looked cute with the yellow dresser. But, I don't think I really want red in the room. I do love the slightly Japanese retro feel to this glass ceiling shade though. This was a great deal at less than $2.

Thrifting always makes me feel better. I had a really good day today, was super productive but I felt drained. Even if I come back with nothing, something about looking improves my mood. Cute two tone kettle, right? Tooot!

Craft Book Section! That owl's pretty rad. I wish I had found him instead of just a book with him on the cover. I kind of considered buying it just because, but I really have too many of these.

If you were to wear a strand from this rack, which one would you wear? I pick..... the raspberry & ecru seed bead one in the middle (made that sound fancy, didn't i?).

So, as it sometimes happens, I came away with nothing but a couple of critter books, bumped into another vintage lover (hi Pieter!), took a bunch of pictures while other customers eyeballed me suspiciously and then immediately inspected anything I took closeups of as I walked away. Mostly, it's a ritual - and it may be weird, but I bet there's a lot of you out there who are the exact same kind of weird as me - thrifty.

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love Jill