Thrift Thursday

Vintage kitty pillow pieces, liquid embroidered (ugh)

Ever since we found out that we're having a little girl in May, I've gone into some weird maternal mode of scouting thrift shops for cute girly vintage. The problem is, I don't really like pastels. I feel a little repulsed by most pink things. I'm not really into crochet dresses and pants, and even button up shirts kind of bug me. I was like this as a kid, if a shirt had buttons, I was NOT wearing it. If a dress had a bib or a collar - I was OUT. I never grew out of it, and here we are now. Not really a comfortable place for a seasoned thrifter. It seems I'm beginning to be regularly out of luck on this mission.

So, instead of a regular treasure filled Thrift Thursday post, here's a thrifty wish list courtesy of Etsy vintage to keep me motivated in my search. I bet there's a few of you out there who are like me, so let's make a wish list:

Bell bottom Nautical Pant Set
vintage 1970's sunflower cotton dress (can never have too many of these)
Vintage Toddler Sized Minnetonka Moccasins
Vintage Ski Sweater
Vintage Child Sized Sterling Cuff Bracelet
Vintage embroidered infant Dress (my favorite!)
Girls Vintage Burgandy Mary Janes
Vintage Embroidered Tunic
Vintage Plaid Hooded Baby Poncho

Vintage 60's Gymnast Jumpsuit

Well, I feel better now knowing there IS hope. I can keep up my thrifty mojo - stick to my guns, and if all else fails - thank god for etsy.

love Jill