YOUR Thrift Thursday - Submissions

Thrift Thursday is a weekly Lune blog feature which explores the world of second hand shopping, tips and tricks for successful buying, finding inspiration in rows of castoffs, peeks at what we've seen in stores that week, and generally celebrating the nature of second hand culture. 

Your Thrift Thursday is a seasonally collected show and tell of Lune blog readers thrifted treasures! Enjoy sharing your find with other second hand shoppers worldwide. A little bragging is totally allowed, because it's pretty special to find a one of a kind piece for what change you had in your pocket.

Here's an example of past Your Thrift Thursday features!

Here's How to Submit Your Thrift Thursday find:

1. Email us at with the subject line "Your Thrift Thursday"

2. Your email should contain one clear, attractive photo of the thrifted treasure you're excited to share. Vignettes are fine, and closeups are great too! A minimum size of 700 px and 72 dpi is required for posting on the Lune blog.

3. Include a short description of your find and why you like it, how much it was, or a story about where it was discovered. Your description may be paraphrased or shortened if necessary.

4. Submit along with your email any link you would like your name to be attached to, such as a personal blog or etsy shop.

5. One submission per season/call please. Submissions are welcomed any time during the year, and will be collected for a big feature once per season (winter, spring, summer, fall).

6.  Second hand and Thrifted items of a vintage nature only please. Sources can include, thrift and second hand shops, dumpster dives and garbage saves, hand me downs or inheritances, estate sales, auctions, and garage sales.

Happy Thrifting!