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Big Eyed Eve

I'm getting close to wanting to pull Eve's room together. Pretty cool, since this little room has been basically a storage room in our house, and was just waiting for her to arrive for 10 years before it could shine. 
It's an adorable tiny room, with big white moldings, a deep closet with shelves, and a big old window with a wide sill. I love small spaces, and I can't wait to make it special for her.

I'm collecting 60's era furniture - clean and simple in shape but with fun details like giant knobs, or big mod patterns. But the detail I'm so in love with is a happy co-incidence.

I've loved big eye kid prints for years. They have a lot of admirers because of their playful vintage outfits, fun subject matter and of course, adorably huge innocent eyes. My favorites are by Lee and .... EVE! I guarantee our little Eve will assume that all the pictures in her room just happen to have her name on them. I'm not planning on correcting her.

 I was completely in love and intent on buying the Eve print above with a little brunet playing folk songs on her acoustic.  I told L.A. and the next day - I went back to buy it off of the etsy seller - and it was SOLD! I couldn't find another - and I mentioned to her how sad I was about missing out on it. She broke and told me it was her who got it for a baby present. I'm so lucky. She's a very wonderful friend.

So the count right now is 3, and I'm hunting for more. I hope Eve loves these pretty girls as much as I do.

Love Jill

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