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California Dreaming, on such a winter's day.

Meet the new Lune girls - with California good looks, they picked out a couple favorite 60's caftans and vintage foster grant sunglasses, with Love Lune bandeaus and fringes to tie their sunkissed hair back - a favorite pool lounging look. Don't tell me it's still winter - because we're California Dreaming on such a (Winnipeg) winter's day.

We promise, you'll feel the sunshine if you visit this chilly weekend. The sun IS on it's way.
PS. Our new jewelery cabinet is being delivered tomorrow! There is a lot I haven't put out for display in the shop at this point because we didn't have proper display space for it. I'm excited to add this feature to Lune, because I'm addicted to accessories!

Love Jill

PS. Vintage Mannequins courtesy of our friend, and savior of mannequins past.

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