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flowers and love

Today I added 2 more to my collection of 60's enamel flower pins. I had forgotten about them, because it's getting harder and harder to come across any decent ones. The two new one's aren't showing - but they'll fit right in. I was considering bringing them all to our local vintage shop because I haven't been enjoying them as much as I should be - but maybe I should keep them for Eve's nursery (out of reach of course - rusty pins and babies probably don't mix).

They also make fun photo props.

AND - they make pretty sweet Valentines gifts! I've gifted a few to my mom, who loves them too - but she actually wears them. Pins really aren't my thing, but there are quite a few ways you can wear them besides on a lapel - like in your hair! Either way - I'd much rather receive this kind of flower than a dozen roses on Feb 14.

Do you give gifts on Valentines Day to other people besides your sweetheart?
Love Jill

ps. you wanna know a random fact about me? I have weird eyes. Like - clinically weird. I have a genetic condition that doesn't effect my eyesight but makes my pupils really small because they never dilate (get bigger) - not sure of the official term, but it's quite rare - and can really freak people out.  So - if you ever noticed - that's the story about that :-D I've won the freak lottery!

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