Spellbound - Tretchikoff

Chinese Girl       -       Lady From Orient

While at a flea market the other week, I saw a vintage portrait that I recognized. It was a print of "Chinese Girl" by Vladimir Tretchikoff, originally completed in 1950. Does she look familiar to you too? Commonly referred to as the Green Lady, it is an extremely popular work of art, which is rumored to have been made more prints of than the Mona Lisa.

Something about this image, and others I've seen like it, really captures my attention. The ethereal bluish, green skin tones of these ladies is both unnatural and eerily beautiful. In his time, Tretchikoff was both admired and reviled. My vote - officially spellbinding. Do these exotic portraits appeal to you?

Miss Wong     -      Balinese Girl
Read all about Tretchikoff (1913 - 2006) on this beautiful official site all about the artist and his works.