Staged! - Shop Update

Our window stage is DONE! And I could not be happier with the transformation. It might seem silly to get so excited about a basic box, but this stage opens up a world of window displays that just weren't going to happen when haphazardly placed on a variety of tables and risers to get it all window level. This is the kind of thing that makes me really happy. Kind of, Christmas morning happy. Weird? Well. Here's the short story of a little window stage makeover at Lune Vintage.

Back in November when I viewed the place, I LOVED the floors and windows. I LOVED the whole layout of the space. And I immediately knew that this was the perfect place for a window stage where all my antro inspired dreams could come true.

The first step (which I didn't get a picture of because I was very busy keeping Lukie out of the way while my husband and dad worked) was to build a simple frame from 2 x 4 lumber. The surface is particle board, and the face is a sheet of 1/8" pre-laminated fiberboard. We had the sheets cut at the hardware store, so that saved on some time and mess in the shop. The rest was done in a cold garage - and I feel lucky that I was saved from that part.

I wanted the stage to have a built in look that complemented the architecture of the building. Our shop is attached to a early 1900's rooming house. Neighbors told us the shop in front was originally built in the 20's to house a pharmacy. So, to pay homage to that heritage (and not to the 80's retail slat-board on the walls) I picked out some textured faux tin tile wallpaper. This one is a paint-able paper by Martha.

The paper went on well. The hard part is finding a bucket big enough to immerse the length you need, bit by bit for 30 seconds a section. We ended up using a big rubbermaid bin, and it took all three of us (Luke included) to do it without folding it on itself. Took some getting used to. We pressed it on with our hands, and then went over it with a hard foam roller. 

The next night we came back to paint. Really, I came back to eat pizza and entertain Luke, and Todd came to paint. He used a thick pile roller - like the kind you use on stucco - to roll the textured wallpaper. I picked out a charcoal gray interior paint in semi-gloss. After the paint was semi dry, he quickly added corner molding to finish the edge of the top of the stage and the face, and painted to match. I respected his wish NOT to post pictures of him doing it, because he became pretty annoyed by the end. Something to do with me sitting and eating pizza, and Luke begging incessantly to use the hammer. Go figure.

He added white baseboard to the bottom which matches the door frame and molding on either side of the alcove. I love how the painted paper with a slight sheen looks so much more like real painted tin.

Check that one off the list thank you very much. I'm in love with my stage - and the sketchbook is FULL of  display ideas for several months to come. This coming week, I'll show you our February inspired window - it's from the heart.

Love Jill