This weekend, we did a mini shop makeover (yes, we just opened the new location in December, but i really believe in makeovers). The new (old) jewelry case serves as the sales counter. It was originally from The Bay in downtown Winnipeg. A local contrstuciton and building charity shop received a large shipment retail display donations. If you're looking for clothing racks, counters and shelving in the area - go check it out. Our giant, light up, glass display and sales counter with four huge lockable drawers only cost us $75. New, these units are well over $1000! Also new to the shop are two vintage mannequins (you've met them already), and a vintage style professional sewing dress judy, which I'm most excited about.

Tips on where to source these kinds of things online and locally, and how to make your business budget work for you is a big component of Indie Business 3.0 online workshop. If you haven't heard about this workshop, you can read all about it at - including a basic course outline of what we cover during the 6 weeks of creative business material, and a list of answers to popular questions about the workshop. Registration for Indie Business 3.0 closes March 1st.

 I love photographing the shop, but lately, it's been very busy. There are hardly enough hours in the day. I'm looking forward to showing you the new layout this week. 

Photography is something I really enjoy experimenting with. The first photo in this post is of one of my favorite garments in the shop. It's an incredible 60s pom-pom crochet sweater jacket. Pretty insane detail on this spring jacket - I've never seen one like it. I like to take photos of really special stock, so if I never see the same thing again, I'll always be able to keep a little memory of it. It's my favorite collection.

love Jill