Thrift Thursday - Kid Stuff

This week, I thought it would be fun to show you what I've been bringing home from the second hand shop for the kid(s) at the Lune house. I'm pretty selective about this, since Luke is really into his own things now - he isn't completely won over by vintage toys. I'm pretty stoked about the thought of getting our baby girl's room ready for when she arrives. Most of these things are for her ... but that doesn't mean Luke hasn't had his fingers on them.

I found this vintage rolling toy box from the 60's at a thrift shop for $5.99. It has the grooviest mid evil lithos, mint green interior and a cute rolling frame. Considering that it probably has been living in a day care or kindergarten for the last 40 years or so after leaving it's original children, it's in pretty great shape. Plus - hello - it's serious toy storage.

I LOVE this book! It was one of those super cheap 25 cent buys that gives new meaning to the value of a quarter. The illustrations are a trip, and the how to's are actually really awesome. I can't imagine a better kids craft book really. Don't neglect the book section of your thrift shop. You can find some real treasure there.

A couple weekends ago we went to a big flea market and found a few good things. One of them was this little wooden baby BABY piano. It's all wood, with paper covered keys that all play. Looks like a baby was chewing on the paint instead of composing beautiful music - but other than that - it was a pretty special find and only set me back $10.

If you're having a hard time finding quality vintage toys for your baby - Fisher-Price has done a re-lease of their classic toy line. My favorite is the record player, but we already have an original one so we picked up the TV Radio for Eve. I had a bunch of these 'classics' when I was a kid. Remember the telephone with those buggy blinking eyes? Or the TV? 

Thrift Thursday is a Lune feature we do weekly - if you'd like to play along, I'm still taking submissions for a Spring "Your Thrift Thursday". Find out about this project and how to submit HERE.

PS. Thank you for your caring comments about my last post. I'll update you tomorrow on how it's going - but no big huge worries. I'm doing ok - and I'm very positive that things will be just fine.

Love Jill