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Thrift Thursday - thrifty ramblings

This week, I wasn't at the thrift much, so this TT is a bit of a ramble post. I'm looking forward to spring thrifting.  Spring/ early Summer is the BEST thrifty time of year. Last summer I found the beautiful vintage Electrohome fan with robin's egg blue blades (original paint!) for $5 at a garage sale. I gifted it to my mom for her kitchen. It runs like a charm and throws tons of air - just keep it away from curious fingers because that cage leaves much to be desired in the safety department.

So many paint by numbers. I never get sick of them. The best find is one where it's been signed and dated - like the poppy painting (there was actually two, slightly different composition) by Uncle Harry - circa 1963. Just think of what a different place the world was when this painting was being created. Imagine, one day I'd be sitting on my 'laptop', 'blogging' on the 'internet' about a photo i took with my 'digital' camera of Harry's masterpiece. I think it may have blown his mind.

I wonder how things my be different almost 50 years from now.
Who knew thrifting would make one so thoughtful.

Love Jill

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