42 days

42 days to go.

It would be nice if a human's gestation period was closer to that of a rabbit. Because honestly, I could have done that quite easily. It's funny, 9 months of your life is so insignifigant in terms of time, but when you're waiting for something so huge to happen, and changing the whole time where even the smallest things become difficult - it seems like an eternity. Was there ever a time when I wasn't exhaused? sore? bitchy? I hope so, because I want to be that person again really soon.

It's not bad - there's so much to look forward to. I do feel so lucky to have beautiful family and friends, and a healthy baby on the way. I think of my nan, who had her first two babies in a log cabin in northern manitioba. How lonely and difficult that must have been. I think of friends who have tried so hard to start families, and not been able to. I think of young single mom's who have such little support, it must be so scary. So for all the little annoyances, and pains - I have it pretty great. And in 42 days, I hope I'll be sharing with you the first pictures of our new daughter. 42 days until one of the most imporant and beautiful days of my life.

That's what I'm thinking about today. love Jill