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7 month freak show?

It's official. I can't see my feet. I know they're down there because they hurt and they're super hot feeling, but that's pretty much all I know about them. I've been wearing the same boots for weeks, mostly because they're easy to get on. I do love them, but I'm getting pretty sick of the thought of wearing the same footwear for long periods of time.

So, last night while Luke was getting a hair cut, I ventured out into the mall. I haven't been to the mall in months, mostly because I thrift or wear vintage from the shop other than buying new jeans and tights. I don't like the idea of wearing other peoples jeans - it's kind of a thing. Jeans are so personal.

I thought - I'm going to buy myself a pair shoes. The first store I went into, the girl there basically yelled out "It's like a freakin BASKETBALL!!!" and laughed. Are you serious? I think I look pretty good considering that I do have a huge round belly. I'm proud that I have a healthy baby, and that I'm not hiding indoors in my yoga pants for 9 months. I have a life, and I have some pride, so ARE YOU SERIOUSLY pointing and laughing at me right now?

 That's not the end of it though. Going from store to store, I was obviously being stared at. I guess in about 45 minutes I received 4 "Whoas" and grimaces or sneers from guys with their friends or girlfriends. Good luck with your quality man there sister.

So what I'm venting about is - do we still live in a society where we're expected to hibernate for the last trimester of our pregnancies when we're looking a bit different, a bit too large, and apparently a bit disturbing to those who don't realize that they once came from a loving mother's body?

Love Jill

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