Love Lune Online Shop Pre-views

Dye work is a great love of mine. I try to incorporate it as much as I can in my work for Love Lune. The results are always unexpected and therefore, always exciting and always very special. I never want to become bored with what I make for Lune - which is why vintage slip dying hasn't gotten old to me, although I've been doing it for almost 3 years!

Lune's dyed slips have always been a great local seller, so I'm pleased to be able to offer them along with the rest of the Love Lune collection in our new online shop Opening March 15, 2011!
 Each vintage slip is hand picked for the softest, silky fabrics, pretty trim, quality, uniqueness and wearability - then hand dyed in house with a combination of hombre and resist tecniques. They are the loving reason why I usually wear black nailpolish.

Coming up next, a pre-view of a much requested Love Lune favorite from last season!

love Jill