New for April at Love Lune

Just wanted to stop in to say thank you to our amazing customers who have supported our new online shop for Lune. Every order is up to date, and sent out. I've created special golden yellow linen pouches for all the jewelery, as well as vintage fabric pouches for the talisman headbands. Each item comes packed with a postcard from Lune. We hope you're enjoying your purchases! Thank you so much for your support!

Visit the Love Lune Online Shop HERE

A couple navigation tips about the shop. If you view the details on an item, and do not see an option to purchase, but instead see the wording TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE, this means the item has been purchased. In some cases, our stock is bespoke (or made after you order it), and the stock level remains open as in our Elemental Ojo Necklaces. In other cases, such as with the Vintage Handbags, there is only one of each item and that message translates as SOLD OUT. We're working on adding the sold out tag to the listing very soon.

What's Coming for April at Love Lune?

Lune's in house line of hand dyed vintage slip dresses! These are a spring/summer favorite around here since 2009. So light for layering. Each is hand dyed by me, using the very best vintage slips I can source and extremely color fast dye. Both solids, ombre's and relief dyes are available in x-small to large sizes. 

Look for these beginning of April. Love Lune slips begin at only $30 each! 

Our goal is to come out with one new piece of our collection for the Love Lune web shop each month, along with updates of what's already available (yes, more bandeaus on the way as well!).

Thank you again for your Lune lovin! I love you too! - Jill