Thrift Style File - Vintage Bolo's

Vintage Bolo's have been on my radar since two summers ago. We went to see one of our all time favorite bands NOFX in Minneapolis (just adults - yay I felt like a total freebird). I scored the best blue schwinn bike there, and lugged it all the way home to our old shop location. Coincidentally, Kyla Roma (who I didn't know at the time) bought it from me, and years later, I see her a couple times a week in our shared shop/studio space with Freckled Nest. Wow. I just got off track . . .

I love visiting new towns and cities, because that means fresh thrift spots. I always find something that seemed to be waiting for me. This particular trip, I found lots of great stuff - including my first bolo. At first I just loved the turquoise thunder bird and thought about re-purposing it. Then I kind of dug how it looked as a necklace, as is. THEN, while messing around with a few things I bought, I tried it as a headband. Bam!

Bolo's make wicked headbands! Here's why:

They have a thin braided cord of leather or fabric that's perfect across the forehead band size.

They're adjustable, and usually have a clip to keep them from slipping or expanding in size.

They have beautiful concho's which you can place at the nape of your neck (looks great with hair up)

OR on the side of your hair (in front or behind your ear) to show off it's pretty concho!

Do you love bolo's yet?

We do so much that I'm dedicating space in our webshop to share some of my vintage bolo collection - yes... I'm saying it again... March 15th on!

Next week, we're back with Lune's Thrift Thursday feature. I've had so much luck finding goodies for our nursery - but the rest of the house is jellous and is fighting to keep some of it. We'll see who wins...

love Jill