Thrift Thursday - Gardening!

This week was spring break for us here, so Luke was home with me full days and that meant keeping him busy and happy! We did a few projects and had a few field trips (today the planetarium). One thing he really wanted to do was plant some seeds for spring.

So we went ... to the thrift store of course!
We found :

2 tiny yellow pots (vintage yellow ceramic, reminded me of Holt Howard juice glasses)
1 vintage glass jar (missing it's cork, but perfect for our purpose)
1 set of tiny garden tools, shovel and rake
2 1960's ceramic daisy mugs
2 bags of potting soil! Yes. Even the dirt was thrifted.

You would have been really impressed if I had found the seeds second hand too right? Well, that didn't happen, we bought some at the hardware store - 99 cents each - it was the most expensive purchase of all.

I set up a tray, gave him some instructions, and Luke planted away happily. Note - mud streak on face. Classic.
We even had enough second hand dirt to re-pot my aloe that he enthusiastically pulled out of it's pot earlier that week (in search of a place to plant seeds from a pepper we cut for dinner earlier that week, which kind of started the whole potting thing).

So, thrift stores are good for one more thing. Gardening!

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Love Jill