Thrift Thursday - Sheets and Shells

This week was a great thrifty one! I had lots of luck, and scored a few things for the house that I've been looking for. Two major things on my list right now are sheets and shells.

The sheets are for our (soon to be here!) baby Eve's bedroom. I've been really really picky to find the prettiest vintage patterns in the very best condition I could. I've found a couple that I'd never seen before too! Her bedroom is going to be mostly mustard yellow, white and charcoal but just for fun, i think I can handle just a LITTLE bit of pink. I'll be transforming these into fitted crib sheets pretty soon, after the room is cleaned out and walls are painted... that's a reno I'll share in April!

Seashells are on the top of my list for the house, but I'm also being pretty picky on these too. The white piece of coral we have is from a looooooong time ago. My uncle brought it back for me from a trip to the great barrier reef. Isn't that nice, pretty sure it's illegal to take that sort of thing home now. When Todd and I had our apartment, we brought home a starfish from Mexico and tried to dry it for months on the back staircase of our old building (it was like an indoor/outdoor fire escape). That thing stunk like rotting fish ass for months before I gave up and let it RIP. My vacation clothes were never the same (a bottle of tequila burst in the same bag). Don't travel with me...

What are you looking for this spring at the second hand store?

love Jill