Thrift Thursday - Tips to finding Beauty

I get a lot of questions asking how I find all the special things I do to style our home and shop. Commonly, people say all they find is junk. It's not like I shop at super secret amazing second hand shops that are filled with only the best vintage. Wouldn't that be nice and easy! Instead, I've trained my eye to see past the florescent lights and disposable box store castoffs to hone in on what's really beautiful. Here are a few ways to see your local thrift in a whole different light.

Keep your mind open to the idea that sometimes, ugly is very beautiful. These unique items are what make a home special and interesting. Look for items of rarity, with one quality that is attractive to you - like the color, texture, or shape. A home full of beautiful ugly may be tricky, but adding it sparingly is easy and so rewarding!

Try to dispose of any notions or associations you have with certain items. A pair of skirted damask chairs could instantly remind you of a stagnant, smokey white rugged sitting room with heavy valanced drapery and plastic on the sofa and lampshades. OR, with an unbiased eye, they could evoke a bohemian feeling of warm worn wood floors, fringed shawls draped in the sunlit windows, with a Persian cat perched comfortably nearby.

Small details make an item beautiful, despite if their original intention was completely functional. It can exist in the least likely of places, but when you take the item out of it's less than romanitc environment, and into a place in your mind - it makes it a lot easier to spot the treasure that's always been right in front of you, all this time.

I find taking a close up picture, like I did with all the items in this post, helps me trasport myself to that enchanted place in my mind. The place with rose tinted glasses...

love Jill

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