5 weeks to go

5 weeks to go. Time is standing still. It's funny (or not so funny) how you forget what this feels like. Over 5 years ago, this was me and Luke. Now, it's me and Eve, and in 5 years, I'll have forgotten again what this feels like. But at least this time, I have a blog to look back on and remind myself. How handy.

I watched a terrible episode of Grey's Anatomy where everyone was singing with these terrible auto toned voices, like Glee's Anatomy - I fast forwarded the whole thing, which would have actually been a good episode if not for the mood destroying singing. I really don't like musicals. Anyway, it was about a baby being born very early, and being just under 2 lbs. I imagine Eve must be MUCH bigger than that by now but seeing that imagery reminded me that it's ok - I can totally hold on until full term. Even if it means waking up at 3 am every morning and watching re-runs of Oddities (have you seen that show - I LOVE IT!).

But lack of sleep is making me a bit insane. And from what I remember, that's not going to change for a few months after she's born. But - I am building up the nursery this month, so that's something to keep us busy. You know, that and EVERYTHING else we do at Lune. I'm thankful for the distraction at this point.

Oh yeah, and I'm HUGE! See?

and not so secretly jealous of all the girls walking out of the shop with the cutest spring vintage. I've kept some for me though, and I have my eyes on some pretty wicked Free People bells that remind me of my teenage years when seeing the toes of your shoes was stylishly sinful (at least in my grungy world).

Love Jill