aloe and palms

Meet our plants. I'm taking it slow and non-committal. These girls need little water, and basic sunlight. Very low maintenance - which I think is hot. I've had Aloe for 2 or 3 years. Luke unpotted her unexpectedly a couple weeks ago - but we replanted her in a glass jar and she seems perfectly happy. Recently I purchased a wickedly ugly pretty Ponytail Palm for $8.95 at walmart - and I've never looked back. The next plant I have my eye on is a Sansevieria - (Snake Plant or Devil's Tongue). Apparently, it's supposed to be a natural air cleaner - but I'm pretty sure all plants can make that claim at some scale.

Do you like houseplants? Can you keep them alive? Did you have an auntie or a grandma who had plants which were older than you by 20 years? I did. Now THAT'S dedication.

love jill