Backdrops and Online Shops

I set up a new photo background at the shop on Saturday to take advantage of the light at the front of the store, and used a vintage curtain we were using for our change room area as the backdrop. Not sure how I feel about this one in particular - but I do love the idea of using 60's and 70's curtains as easy to change backdrops for shop photo's.

If you're an online clothing seller - I'd totally suggest this simple set-up. It takes a lot of the time out of photographing your product from all the angles needed, and keeps the looks consistent.

At the back of our shop, I used an old door from a 1940's wardrobe that I wasn't using as a shelf, tacked gold fringe from the fabric store to the face, and hung a large lace table cloth over the dark brown wall to act as a backdrop for our photo's.

What you need:

Rod or Aircraft Cable to hang your curtain
Hoops with clips or old style Curtain Pins (don't poke yourself!)
Dress Form
Natural Light (turn off that flash!)
Tri-Pod (keeping your camera at the same angle helps keep pictures looking consistent)

Even if your studio is a corner of a room in your house, good light, a consistent angle, and a nice backdrop will give you a pro look. I always brighten my photo's with photo shop, but most online programs through flickr and photobucket offer simple photo editing tools which are easy to use.

Simple, ready to use backdrop ideas:

Vintage curtains
Afghans or Quilts
Large Table clothes
Pretty Retro Sheets

It's always fun shooting with a new background, and even more fun hunting for one!
Shop talk is one of my favorite topics. Would you like to see more tips about how we do things at Lune on the blog in the future?

Love Jill