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bikes & owls

You know what kind of sucks about being last trimester pregnant? You can't ride a bike. Well, I guess you could, I've never actually read that you can't anywhere, I'm just assuming that it wouldn't be easy or comfortable. These days I have trouble keeping my balance while walking, never mind teetering on a bike seat. It's a pretty funny picture. The bike license plate is from sooooo many years ago when I was probably too little to even ride a bike, no idea why I still have it - but I think I'll put it on my cruiser this summer.

I brought in some things from home to the shop last weekend. Mostly, my owl collection. I kept a few things, but it's spring cleaning time and I'm in the mood to purge. At this point - I'd be cool with 4 white walls, one chair, and a bright open window in almost every room. Too minimal? yeah. Anyway - if you dig owls - some of my favorites are up for grabs this weekend (but not the cookie jar - hands off the cookie jar).

Love Jill

aloe and palms

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