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Love for Indie Design

What a nice surprise it was this morning to do my usual blog reads, and to see our friend Elsie, blogger at A Beautiful Mess and owner of Red Velvet,  looking so cute in this outfit post with Lune Cornsilk Tassel Talisman earrings! Elsie's blog and shop has always been extremely supportive of creative small businesses, and that's something very special because she herself is an independent designer, teacher and vintage shop owner. She's a great example of how we can work together towards a common goal of promoting independent fashion by sharing love for our fellow designers.

Elsie wears a Lune Fire Elemental Ojo Pendent - available HERE

and a Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno Key Necklace - available HERE

Do you want to share love for an independent designer? Who are you following lately? Who's work has you really inspired for spring? Share your comments and a link to their work to help spread the word - you know word of mouth (or link in this case) is the best advertizing.

Love Jill

seen in sandbox

Thrift Thursday - Gardening!