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Love Lune Spring Slips 2011

Today I hung up the last of the finished Love Lune slip dresses for April to dry in the sunlight - and it felt like the official beginning of spring. The snow is finally starting to melt here, and the forecast calls for sunny and springtime warm all through the week. I couldn't be happier.

A new spring has come to mean a new season of hand dyed slip dresses for us. There are several reasons, firstly - no one is terribly attracted to wearing thin delicate slips, no matter how layered, in the freezing cold months. Secondly, pretty things come with spring and summer - it's just a fact. And, most importantly for me, the dying process MUST be done in a well ventilated area, in our house - lots of open windows. I also have a belief that hanging the finished dresses out to dry in the sunlight for a few days mellows and sets their beautiful colors - that's part of the fantasy for me.

So, the second the days turn warmer, it's officially time to start a new season of dying for Love Lune. This also means headscarves this summer, and some ombre shawls - available in June (online and local).

Room Divider DIY tip

5 weeks to go