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lovelune.com shop update - the Straight & Arrow Cuff

Today, a little shop update for you. The "Straight & Arrow Cuff" by Love Lune. These one of a kind cuffs are created from gorgeous, time worn vintage tooled leather belting. They've been cut, burnished and paired with antiqued brass chain, clasp & a single arrow charm. Leather cuffs are my very favorite kind of bracelet since they wear so well on their own, are super durable, comfortable, and pair up with any tone of bangles or chunky rings.
Check em out in our web shop starting today. 4 only available in this pattern at $25 each. Ok - there were five, but you know I had to keep one for myself!

(ps. now I know why being a hand model is an actual job. Chubby pregnant hands are not overly cute to photograph!)

Love Jill

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