our easter

Easter weekend is pretty much over (unless you're off today too, which we are) and it was such a beautiful weekend. At our house we decorate eggs Easter morning after a candy hunt and make enough eggs to give away to everyone we're going to see that day. Here's what we made, and gave. Not one survived without a crack, but only one totally bit the dust.

Todd and Luke spent the whole day playing outside because it was so warm and sunny. I cleaned out a closet and re-discovered so many old photo's of us - it was a fun throwback. I've been realizing how much extra stuff we have in our house and how much space I could have if i just got rid of all the extra. Typical spring cleaning/nesting thing right? Whatever. It's good for the mind, it's good for the soul. In the end, all we really need is love and each other. The rest is just stuff.