shop update

I think today was my last day working the Lune Vintage Studio Shop before baby. I know it's going to drive me crazy to be away, and I'll probably find a way to sneak in anyway - but I'm forcing myself to take it easy. The simplest things feel really hard right now.

Today was a great day, nice and sunny with fresh air coming through the window. Our local studio serves double duty as Lune's shop. The back half is the sewing and alterations area along with all the other tools we use often. The front half is our vintage stock area which is open to the public occasionally. We do everything here, including most of the photography you see of products on the website ( It's a nice multi purpose space that I'm thankful for, especially now that every space I used to use for storage and production in our house is now full of things like kids. yeesh!

I have photographed several more slips for along with some amazing wardrobe pieces and vintage jewelry, but again, i think it may have to wait until mid May for the update. It's time to take things at a slower pace and I guess I'll just have to deal with that - for now.

love Jill