Spellbound - Black Alaskan Diamond

This has been a grey damp weekend. Long, kind of cold - and honestly, just a little bit of a downer after the beautiful spring start we've had around here. That dullness combined with our efforts to purge ourselves of a million little things ( like a vast collection of 80's video game stuff for example, I'm sitting beside a mountain of Atari games right now). We're smack in the middle of cleaning and renovating our spare bedroom from a storage closet into a nursery for our baby girl (due May 9th).

I cheered up today when my mother in law gave me a ring she thought I'd like that belonged to her mother Eva.  This is my husbands grandma, who he loved so much and was very close with - so I'm spellbound with it in more ways than one - and that's why this vintage gold black Alaskan diamond (hematite) ring is today's Spellbound.

It's shape and beautiful setting remind me of a raven's claw. Just the right amount of delicate, with a dash of darkness - an enchanting combination.

Black Alaskan Diamond - Specular Hematite (Specularite)

This beautiful variety of hematite has a rich metallic luster on a sparkling silvery polished surface.
Specularite brings grounding and high energy simultaneously. It promotes the aspiration to your personal goals regardless of what is perceived as acceptable, releasing all judgment. This stone assists in grounding high level spiritual energy to the reality of every day life.

Specular Hematite is an excellent stone to keep on your desk to counter the ill effects of your computer on your energy body (good to know for us holistic bloggers right?)

Birthstone: March, December

Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius

Planet: Mars, Mercury

Energies: Love, Protection, Healing

Love Jill
PS. Because we had such a grey weekend, the love lune slip photo shoot for our website was delayed, but forecast calls for sun tomorrow - so I'm hoping to get them listed very early this week - sorry for the delay (totally mother natures fault - what can I say?)