thrift thursday - jewelry boxes

This Thrift Thursday I thought I'd share my collection of vintage jewelry boxes with you. I have quite a few at the shop too that we use for display, but these are my favorites from home.

I like separating my gold and silver. Lately, I'm really into gold, or mixing metals. I'd love to have a full box of copper - that's my very favorite but it's not an easy metal to collect. A few of my faves are in the one above, some of my vintage zodiac necklaces including a delicate baby Taurus necklace for our little girl (she'd better come before may 19th! I have a Taurus onesie for her too!), a dinosaur toes bullet necklace, a rhinestone eyed golden eagle, a fire bird mucho bueno key necklace, and gilded 10 k gold sand dollar and banana leaf from my nan's jewelry box.

The cream, gold and faded red one is probably a mans jewelry box. I have an uncle who's never seen without a couple chunky man rings, watches and sometimes chains. Gotta love a good man ring on a good man.

Jewelry boxes are pretty easy to find second hand if you're always in the market for them. They're not all good ones of course. Sugary sweet ones with pink satin, tiny mirrors and lace skirted ballerinas aren't on the list. I look for rounded corners, hard textured shells, imprinted patterns, velvet and patterned satin interiors. Gorgeous.

I think my collection is one of those things that will one day grow out of control - but for now, I always have my eyes open. Plus, more jewelry boxes means a need to fill them with more jewelry right?

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Love Jill