Thrift Thursday - Rag Quilts

What do you think of when you hear the word Quilt? Cute, Pretty, Delicate, Granny Chic? yeah. I think that too.

But, not all quilts are made equal (or so intentionally). Rag quilts have been around for ages, and they're so easy to find at the second hand store. Rag quilts are usually created in a simple stripe or check pattern using scrap fabric from sheets, old clothing, and other pre-used fabrics. They're far less fussy and pretty than more thoughtfully designed traditional quilt patterns - and have stolen my bohemian heart with their eclectic beauty.

Because their fabrics are so random, they offer the perfect blend of beautiful & ugly that makes them so magical. And because they were created to be useful - you won't feel guilty about dragging them out to the campfire or the beach.

image quilt - all we heart it

If you can't find them, you can always make your own. Gather and cut scraps from your linens and closet - or thrift some fabrics. Use the best cutting tool EVER - a rotary cutter (i love these things so much) and a ruler to to cut squares or stripes - and seam together (super basic sewing skills needed). First sew or serge the squares in long strips, and then join the long strips together to make a full quilt. Summer rag quilts are thinner, and sometimes just use a thin bedspread as a backing which makes it easier by only needing you to do a patchwork on one side. They also often aren't top stitched (or quilted), which makes them less stiff and more like a blanket. Plus...way less time consuming to make.

I have so many scraps from tailoring dresses at the shop, plus a huge stack of donated fabrics and vintage sheets. Lately - all I want to do is use it all up ... sewing dresses, skirts and blankets ... so that's why today's Thrift Thursday is all about love for Rag Quilts.

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Love Jill