an afternoon at home with lune

Running a small business and a family takes some balance, flexibility and dedication. It's something I've mentioned before that I'd like to share with you on the blog in the future, so kicking off the month of June,  I want to share with you what an afternoon at the lune house looks like.



7:30 am

Time to wake up myself, Luke and Eve for breakfast (and bottle). Today I woke up to banging on the roof. We're having our roof done and they were up there for the third day. I toasted pancakes from Sunday in the toaster for Luke and I.  Does anyone else do this? We always seem to have extra, so this is pretty regular around here on Mondays.

8:20 am

Luke leaves for Kindergarten. This week is (my husband) Todds last week bringing Luke to school, but starting next Monday I'll be driving him for his last month at his old school. It's almost a half hour away from our house. Next fall he'll be going to a school 3 blocks away, so this part of our morning will be much easier.

8:45 am

Eve fell asleep again after her bottle (she usually does) so I took this time to check in on my emails, write a few, and check up here and there online. Read a few of my favorite blogs (check my reads on the blogs sidebar).

9:00 am

Enough screwing around. I worked on lune's summer print material - posters, addressing stamp, and new business card design. I can't believe how fast those things run out! I like this kind of work, but if I'm forced to do it - i hate it. Today, i liked it and this is one of the posters I created and ordered for this summer.

10:30 am

Time to feed, change and dress Eve and get ready to leave the house. I'm still getting used to how long it takes to get out of the house with a little baby. At least 3 times longer than you'd think it would take.


We drove across the city to pick up our boy. It was the first time eve and i had been out just the two of us. It's a little scary realising how our regular day to day schedule will change for the next couple of years after getting used to it being me and Luke, who is capable of so much independence now at five and a half.

12:15 pm

Back home and time for Lunch. Ok. So today we had McDonalds . . .

1:00 pm

Normally we'd go for a walk but today it was really looking like rain, and it's not great to be caught in it with a pram, so we stayed inside. Eve took a nap in her crib, Luke played downstairs, and I did this . . .

Work. This is the kind of thing that can almost never be scheduled. When you have a couple of kids to care for you take your work time when you can fit it in. I do a bit every day, and some days more than others. Today I had about 2 hours to work on love lune slip dresses for summer stock!


Our little moonbeam woke up just as I washed the last dye pot. Good timing! Bottle time for baby! Luke gets an apple, carrots and popcorn for a snack. I washed and hung up the dresses to dry, and felt pretty good about what I managed to get done on this dreary Monday.

I worked hard today. Bottle time for mommy! A Canadian thing- ceasers are my favorite.  I don't usually work in the evenings after 5 pm because I'm a big believer of family time and being together as much as possible. With a little lovin family like this, it's pretty easy to forget about everything else.

Not every day is like this, and I know I'm going to have to be even more flexible in my schedule for the next few baby years, but I'm feeling pretty good about making it work. Hey, I figured it out the first time right? It seems A LOT less daunting this time around.

xo Jill