Amber Drop

New this week at (our online shop) is Lune's Amber Drop Necklace.
I have the good fortune to have in laws who travel as much as I'd like to, and every time they visit a new place, I always ask them to source it out for me a bit. Any new natural material they can find direct from the source is inspiring to me. I love the fact that I know exactly where or who the material came from.

For the past 5 years or so my mother and father in law have been living for 3 months a year in the Dominican Republic. Todd and I got married down there because I used to work for a resort back when I was just out of university (little known fact - I took one year of university towards a BE when I was 18). We visited again when Luke was 2. We stay at Cabarete Beach. It's a windsurfing and kite surfing town full of beach side bars, and long stretches of sandy coast. The people who live there are a mix of locals, small condo owning snowbirds, casual restaurant and shop owners and euro and Canadian beach bums - but it's a far cry from a resort town. The town runs along a stretch of road a couple hours out of one of the DRs main cities Puerto Plata. One side runs along the beach where the bars face the ocean with wooden decks, hammocks and beach chairs. The other side offers small shops, grocery, ice cream and a couple quaint resorts. Behind this is the local area of Cabarete, with colorfully painted houses (I mean COLORFUL - like a crazy rainbow) and tin roofs.

The year we visited, we stayed at Kite Beach. The 6 unit condo we lived in for two weeks was my idea of a perfect home away from home. It was right on the beach, very secluded and surrounded by a lush tropical garden. The colorful kites (which are huge by the way because they have to lift up the person steering them. When the wind gusts, the surfer is lofted into the air - it's amazing!) seem like they're close enough to swoop onto the balcony. It's one of my long term dreams to live there part time with our family during the winter, blogging and creating for Love Lune, homeschooling our kids, learning spanish and returning back home for spring and summer to run Lune's Mobile shop. I'm working on it baby!

Oh man, I'm long winded today. Basically, that's a little history about what Amber Drop means to me. Amber is one of the D.R.s exports (along with the beautiful lapis lazuli stone ... and rum- which I'm pretty fond of too). These particular drops are raw and pierced. They've been cleaned and polished with olive oil, so no weird chemicals or sealants are used. Amber glows in the sunlight, and is incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. Visit the web shop to check out Amber Drop for all the info on this summer design.

Here's to big dreams, living a beautiful life, and believing that it can happen.

love Jill