fresh feature - Moon Raven Designs

Every so often, you come across a designer that creates something that really speaks to you - and pretty much every thing they do seems made just for your wardrobe! Well, lately I've found a few, but my favorite is MoonRaven Designs, a husband and wife team Mike and Dianne who work from their studio on beautiful Vancouver Island British Columbia. I'm making it a personal goal of mine to treat myself to as much of their jewelry as possible in the next few months. I've worn my eagle talon necklace almost every single day since I received it! What I love most is the story behind their work, and the fact that they cast actual skulls, talons, claws and teeth to create detailed replicas in bronze and silver. I asked Mike and Dianne a few quick questions about their beautifully haunting work.


Lune: I'm crazy about your collection! How long have you been a jewelry designer and what initially inspired you to do the work you do?

Mike: Since 1974, I have always been inspired by nature and the world around us.

Lune: That's an impressive amount of time and a lot of dedication! How do you keep your work feeling fresh over time?

Mike: I never stop developing and creating new pieces, customers love that my line is constantly changing and evolving.

Lune: We've read some of the details you include in your listings about where and how you found the inspiration for your designs (like the humming bird skull pendent) . I really enjoy knowing the story behind the piece.Would you mind sharing an interesting story about the creation of a particular piece, and what inspired you to develop it?

Mike: 3D Bronze crow Skull - I crafted this from hot cast jewelers bronze. Under seven grams, it is a comfortable weight to wear without being cumbersome. Like sterling, it can easily be maintained with any metal polish. As the pictures reveal, this three dimensional skull is a miniaturized duplicate of the real skull it is sitting on. I used the real skull to make a mold into which I cast a medium which shrinks proportionally as it cures. From that prototype casting, I made another silicone mold of the now miniaturized skull and cast a resin version that was sent off to my local foundry to be copied in bronze. This little fellow is totally three dimensional, even the bottom has the detail of the original. Just under 1-1/4" long, it is the perfect size to wear anywhere, anytime, even your boss will like it. This beautifully detailed skull has a solid cranium with the bail solidly cast on to the back and fitted with a generous jump ring. I've mounted it on a 24" oxidized brass flat link chain with matching lobster clasp and jump rings.

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xo Jill