getting back on track

I've been sooo good the past few months with keeping work and home separate. Lune's shop is also our studio, and I've organized it in a way where i could bring everything directly to the studio and have nothing at home. It worked so well - until a few weeks ago. Now, I've been slowly asking Todd to pick things up for me. My serger, my jewelry supplies, and now stock is starting to build up on the kitchen counter, the dining room table is a work table, and the floor is getting dangerously full of 'sorted' piles and shipping supplies.

If i don't get back in the studio soon, this thing will consume us all!

I've been feeling better the past couple days. It's been 16 days since Eve was born on mothers day. I mentioned already i had an emergency cesarean and I'm healing quickly. We've been out a few days in a row, and getting around isn't very painful anymore. I still have a few weeks until I'm back on track - but I see myself feeling more 'normal'. Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that I'm using this thing called a 'Belly bandit'. There are a few similar products on the market with other names too. It's basically a big tensor bandage with  a long strip of velcro (or hooks in some cases) that you wear TIGHT around your abdomen for 48 days postpartum. I mean, you wear it NON STOP, except to shower or wash it. Every so often I find it annoying, but for the most part I love it! And it's doing it's job of squeezing my tummy back into shape. Within one week i looked noticeably less pregnant, and at week 2, I just look like I have a beer belly. I totally recommend using this kind of thing. Not only does it help flatten your tummy faster, it also feels good to have the extra support - because honestly - after having a baby it kind of feels like every time you bend over, your guts are falling out. Sorry - it's true.

and that's what i think about that.
back to work.

love Jill