"I love myself. Three simple words, that unfortunately in today’s world are seldom heard. We are always trying to fix those little problems that we think are wrong with us rather than embracing what the universe has blessed us with. "
To help spread this message and help every woman realize her true beauty Victoria Hughes of Garden of Eden Designs and Lindsay of Scenic Glory are declaring the week of June 1st through June 8th Spread [your] Love week and want to know why you love yourself.
Victoria & Lindsay asked me to talk about something I love about myself. One of the physical things I love about myself was formally something I thought was one of my worst features! When I was about 12, I decided that I hated my eyebrows. They matured faster than the rest of my skinny pale face! I tried bleaching them. I considered drastic measures to reduce their extremeness (yes, waxing and drawing, it was the 90's and I don't think I should be blamed) I just totally resented them. I even got teased a bit about them. Around 15 the rest of my face caught up with my brows, and I started to feel better about them. Now, I feel kind of lucky - I think strong brows are beautiful, and I love looking at other faces with interesting eyebrows - they really give a face personality. Plus, i never have to pluck them or draw them in - they make face life easy and for low maintenance me, that's pretty cool.

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