me and moon

Week One. We took these pictures last Sunday, before going for a short ride to visit my uncle. I look a bit tired, no? haha. Todd says eve looks haunchy in the first pic. It's hard to not look haunchy when your neck control is still questionable.

The weather here has turned for the better by far. It's been blue skys and warm sun for days now, which is helping me fight whatever baby blues might be lurking. I've said it before, but spring is an amazing time to have your baby.

I can't get around much, and walks are still out of the question for another week or so. They say the rough recovery time for a cesarean is about 6 weeks, no jogging or weight lifting for me (oh no, what will i do? ha!) My sofa has become the new studio. I miss the shop terribly and have sketchbooks full of ideas for summer. But all that goes away when I look at this face. She's a total moon beam, we love her beyond words.

I don't know if i ever mentioned it, but i had some anxiety about having a daughter. I know i'm a good mommy to a little boy. I always find it easier to be around boys because I don't always deal with emotional people in a sensitive way. When we discovered we'd be having a girl, I had all these thoughts run through my mind, can I be a good mom? Will I love her as much as I do luke? Will she like me even if I'm not as soft as I should be sometimes? But I swear, the second she appeared beyond the blue curtain, I loved her with all my heart, and those fears kind of disappeared. She doesn't feel like my daughter. She feels like my Eve.