getting ready for mobile season

Mobile season is coming close! Lately, all my planning is focused on what we need to get Lune's mobile shop up and running for June-Sept summer season. This year, I'm considering a paint job. Here's what she looked like last year at Winnipeg's 10 day fringe festival.

The original two tone yellow paint is circa 1976, so it's actually held up pretty great. But, it is dull and scuffed in areas. I am a yellow lover, so it's probably going to be a matter of trying to color match, and having her painted with a nice new coat and seal so she lasts for 40 more years!

I'm also working on a bunch of new jewelry displays which I'm going to show you step by steps for in case you're looking to do a little mobile selling of your own. Bringing your displays with you can be a real challenge, not only having them be functional, easy to pack, and attractive - but to withstand the elements. Rain sucks, but wind has always been my worst enemy.

Notice the sandbag on the bottom of the rack. Last year, we really focused on getting our eggie up and running, and getting the hang of mobile selling on a larger scale. This year, I've been collecting all the display items I need to amp up the gypsy caravan vibe Lune loves so much. I've been feeling really inspired by the vision, and had so much luck over the past few months collecting all sorts of things to create the environment we love out on the street!

Locally, contact me if you'd like to see us pop up at your event this summer! We have a couple events booked, including the 10 day fringe street festival in the exchange again this year (yay!) - but there's always room for more. Just email me at to discuss your idea!

love Jill