moon loves lou - or stereo in utero

I've just discovered that a fussy Eve is calmed by a little Lou Reed.
ok. really i'm just into rock n roll animal the past few days. But i really do think she likes vinyl best. Probably because of the muted crackling sound of our stereo. Maybe it sounds like it did in utero.

She also likes her heinous looking pink bouncy chair that her grandma got her. Ok. i give. Maybe i'll make it a new cover just to please myself. Last time around with luke, we had a baby shower thrown for us and were showered with baby gifts of all sorts, more than we needed. Some i gave away, but i kept more than necessary and at times, most rooms in our house looked like a toys r us warehouse. yuck. Face it. Baby's do not need or really want stuff! They want to be fed and held, and a warm place to sleep most of the day. So this time around i rejected all thoughts of swings and play gyms and exersaucers and over sized highchairs. AND pink and purple. Seriously...who decided that was the only colors a little girl should ever want to wear, or her parents want to see her in???

That being said, she does like that chair, and momma has to use her arms every so often... but I'm covering that chair. No lou reed lovin girl should ever sit in a pink daisy covered chair.

love Jill