our eve is born

This mothers day, I got a special present - our baby girl Eve Mary Moon. She's 9 lbs of raven haired perfection, and the sweetest little baby girl we could have ever imagined!

I spent the last 5 days in a hospital room (with no wifi) in some kind of weird limbo that happens when you have a baby in a hospital. Not to say it was an all bad experience, my nurses were incredibly helpful and kind, and our girl is as healthy as can be. But, it made me think that home births are where it's at if you're able. I on the other hand REALLY needed a hospital - and an ER to deliver this girl. I'm thankful c-sections are so well done these days - my scar is a tiny horizontal line (just in case you may be facing the same possibility with your delivery - you won't be horribly scared like women were in the past so put that out of your mind).

So through the wonders of modern medicine, we both made it- and are home resting now. Eve's been so kind to us and sleeps through the night so far with only a couple feedings, she's gaining weight and doing all the things a healthy baby should. Plus, I love her more than I ever though I would, and her big brother is singing lullabies that melt my heart.

Thank you for your wishes (and super sweet gifts). I feel so lucky to have so many friends and people who care for us. This is a really beautiful time for our family.