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cowrie shells & sandalwood


A couple weeks ago I picked up this giant vintage cowrie shell mobile planter (circa sometime in the 70's). I'd been looking for one for awhile, but they were either too dirty for the amount of cleaning i was willing to do, missing too many shells or misshapen, or just too expensive. Finally, patience paid off and I happily took this beauty home for $9.99 from the salvation army. I have huge tall windows on both floors of our house, so it fits nicely in the sunlight. I'm not sure if I'll put plants in it yet, I kind of like how it looks as is.

The incense holder is another thing I've been looking for and finally found one I liked last weekend. I bought some sandalwood incense too. This takes me back to my apartment days when my only decorative belongings were a few incense holders, candles, crystals and one dying plant. We used sarongs as curtains and painted a garbage picked Formica table blue with gold stars. Our date nights were made up of chili fries at Georgies bought with the change we found in our hand me down floral velour sofa. We shared a twin bed, walked most places because gas was a luxury and bought vintage mostly because we couldn't afford otherwise.

Funny how a smell can take you back in time just like that.

What smells do that to you?


PS. To answer a few questions about the vintage look of our photos on the blog. It's acheived using photoshop action sets. I love the action sets released by Night-Fate on deviant art -


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