down by the river

It's beautiful around here today. I went for a long walk down by the river to one of my very favorite spots. It's currently still washed out by the high water we had this year, but I'm hoping in the next month I'll be able to crawl down there again. Last year we did a photo shoot  for the festival caftans I designed. for Love Lune. See some of that magical shoot HERE

It's one of those places that feels like it should be very far away, or from a story you read as a child when you believed anything was possible. I was one of those children, and sometimes I can still transport myself back to that time. I take Luke here to look at the sky, play in the grass and listen to the birds talk to one another.

In times where wanderlust overtakes me, I remember places like this that make me love home again. The world is a wide wondrous place. What we find in our own neighborhood can be a piece of that beauty too, we just have to look at it with willing eyes.

Love Lune