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ways to wile the summer away - tri cord crown


Summer is almost officially here. This summer, I'm creating a collection of  ways to wile the summer away.  Creating, styling and photographing fashion and decor diy's is one of my favorite hobbies - I hope you'll enjoy what this summer has to offer!


To complete this project you will need . . .

3 colours of cotton piping – 1 meter each

thread and needle

locking buckle or loops

sharp fabric scissors


step one

carefully trim the seam allowance from the piping

with sharp fabric scissors. Get as close to the seam

as possible without cutting it. Save the scrap strips for later.

Step two

with the needle and thread, sew the three cords

together approx 1 inch from the end by running

several stitches back and forth and knotting at

the end.


Step three

determine which direction buckles fit together

correctly and slide bound ends of cording through

one buckle.

Step four

fold cording over the buckle about one inch and

hand stitch it down on itself to form a loop. Do

not worry about keeping your stitches clean but

make sure they are tight and secure. Tie off in

several knots and snip left over thread.


Step five

use the left over allowance trimming which was

saved to wrap the ends of cording. Wrap the fabric

snug and flat over your stitching to cover the

threads. Knot neatly in the back twice and trim

the ends.

Step six

begin a 3 strand simple plait braid. The looser

you make the braid, the wider your crown will be.

The thickness of the cording will allow for a plait

with a looser weave to remain in place easily.

step seven

continue to braid, checking along the way to

determine the length which fits your head the best. Once the length has been achieved, finish the ends

of the braid as in step 1 – 5. adjust the braid

to the thickness you desire by positioning the cords

to reveal spaces or pulling tightly to create

a tighter weave.


This tri-cord woven crown is the perfect summer

hair accessory. It's soft cotton braid

is both breathable and wicks perspiration on hot

summer days. The material is easy to hand wash and squeeze to air dry flat so you don't have to

worry about wearing it in the waves all summer

long! It's the kind of crown you'll want to make

in many colours for yourself and all your friends.

Love Lune


Love Lunes Weeping Moon Fringe Top

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