spellbound - Ojos de Dios by Jay Mohler

It's been a while since a Spellbound post, and I've been saving this one for a couple months. Jay Mohlers woven work is something truly enchanting. The layers, colors, and shapes are something easily meditated upon and enjoyed by people of any culture or spirituality.

Jay starting making Ojos de Dios in his hippy days, back in the late 60's, after seeing Ojos sent as part of an exhibit sent by the Dalai Lama of Tibet. These ojo from Tibet were almost exactly the same as ojos he'd seen earlier made by Hucholes in Mexico. Since then Jay has evolved his own work to 12-sided designs that he believes encompasses patterns of many beliefs around the world.

I can picture one of these beautiful works of art in almost every room of my house against white walls - but I may become a bit spacey from staring at them all day long. Visit Jay Mohler's etsy shop to see all his works, each as spellbinding as the last - HERE.