when you want to look like a sea witch

Today I was browsing the new Free People interactive catalogue, drooling over the always perfect styling *can i just say that's my favorite store ever on the face of the earth - it's like they're in my head!!! * and came across a video on how to get the perfect messy hair look. HA! It was hilarious to watch what seemed like a good 45 minutes of work to get raggedy sea witch hair - a look which I've proudly perfected without more than 30 seconds of prep work.

  I have almost totally straight hair by the way, so curling is pretty much useless, it falls out even with hairspray. Here's my method to achieving natural looking beach waves all day long.

  1. First off, I only wash my hair ever 3 days. I wear it totally down quite a bit, and I find if I don't touch it too much or brush it, it doesn't look greasy by day 3.
2. Towel and Air Dry. Never blow dry. This is also the only time I brush my hair, while it's still wet, I spray leave in conditioner and make sure all the knots are brushed out. The nape of my neck is the worst area because I have very thick hair, so if I'm not careful it ends up ratting up.

3. After hair has air dried a bit and while still damp, I take the whole lot and twist twist twist it up into a bun.

4. This is the most important part - I take a few elastics and tie up the bun like you would if you were tie dying a t-shirt at summer camp. Make sure the elastics criss cross over the whole bun, not just at the base of it or you'll end up with just one huge kink and a bit of a twist.

5. Sleep on it! I'm very used to sleeping in a slightly damp bun every 3rd night. Sometimes if the kink is dying out because of humid weather or whatnot, I mist my hair before bed and re knot my hair to sleep on again.

6. When it's morning, unravel your elastic bun and shake it out with your fingertips. DO NOT BRUSH IT EVER! First of all, it'll kill your beach kink. Brushing long hair pulls it out, causing lots of ugly breakage and it causes your roots to look oily faster. If you live in a humid place or have hair that just won't stay waved, give it a shot of hair spray - but I hardly ever do this myself and I have very heavy hair.

That's it!

Alright - now you too can look like a seawitch without much more work thank getting out of the shower and sleeping on it. Want more hair tips - check out the wicked Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno sisters hair tutorials on their blog. Brandi and Kelly both have pretty cool witchy hair and are pro's at stying it. I also loved this messy look seen today on Elsies blog HERE.

Long live messy hair - cause that's all I got baby!

Love Lune