lunes shopping trip - July

It's time to go window shopping with Lune's July sponsors! I LOVE creating this post because it gives me a chance (read - excuse) to spend time browsing shops and blogs, picking my favorite items and sharing them with you! Here we go ...

The "Elemental Twist" Bracelet is our first pick from Damsel of Dainty s etsy shop. A big fan of mixed metal and chunky chain, I would definitely wear this often. I love the simplicity of the silver hooped "Keep Guard" earrings too. Everything in this shop is fun to browse since the product photography really tells a beautiful story. Check Damsel of Dainty out for more.

Velvet & Shag offers vintage for the home - and our first pick is a copy of "Make it Yourself", I personally have a collection of this publication and can attest to its extreme vintage awesomeness. It's my favorite, and I don't have this one either. Lune also loves this Wooden Cutout Lady Art with a passion. See so much more at the hub of Velvet & Shag.

Moonshine Hill had a lot of bohemian vintage to pick from, including a good selection of leather boots & bags, but since I believe that they don't make belts like they used to (a shopping pet peeve of mine) Lune chose the Blue Velvet Tooled Belt as our favorite item. You're sure to find a lot more after a visit to Moonshine Hill.

Rack & Sack runs a webshop which showcases vintage accessories, including this jaw dropping vintage serpent bracelet. Damn this thing is amazingly cool! Find it HERE.

Honeywild's etsy shop offers woven leather bracelets featuring semi precious stone beads in the most beautiful bottle and sea glass colors. Stacked and twisted, these glimmering jewels are Lune's pick & you can find them HERE.

Although I can't select a favorite item from True Becoming's consignment & sweet shop Top Drawer, I sure wish I could. The best I can do is invite you over to visit the True Becoming blog HERE to enjoy a look into the world of another small business owner who's making their dreams come true!

Thank you to Lune's sponsors this month for inviting us to window shop with them. If you're interested in sponsoring with Lune this August, send us an email at for details.